Saturday, 18 July 2015

How Education Makes #Nigerian Students Stupid

I stumbled across this photo today, shared by Avann Harvey and I have been angry in my spirit ever since.
***make person hold me oooooo!!! angry that I had to vent out my feelings on this blog but have edited this post 57 times to try to encapsulate the anger within...unsuccessfully!

This young intelligent kid (I assume it's a boy - only boys can reason this way) was asked to list 4 Advantages of Breast Milk. And after all the wonderful, making-sense amazing points he dropped (you can confirm above), he was marked WRONG. He had 0, not even half at least.
***If you were this boy, how would you feel?

Why This? I asked Myself.
Simple Answer: His answers were not in his book...not given by his tutor.

***This is B.J (Bobo Juice), B.S, unfair, unbelievable, not-making all!!!

THE ONE WAY EDUCATION Ironically MAKES STUDENTS STUPID is in the style of teaching that MOST Teachers use.

Yes, some dey try sha, but others,,,,,,mba!!!, they are just too short-sighted OR stereotyped in their reason. THEY KNOW IT ALL!!! And they pass it all on to the students.

If it's not in the class note, IT IS Wrong.
If it's not in any of the teacher's text books, IT IS Wrong.
Whether or not google is on your side on this one, as far as the teacher thinks otherwise, It Is wrong.
And if you dare question what the teacher teaches you OR if you dare think out of the mental box (of the teacher), the same one that are you been placed in, You are Wrong...and liable to die young fail.

And so it continues, the ZOMBIE mentality in Nigerian Education.
Our reasoning ability diminishes, creativity gets stunted...and since, no student wants to fail, we photocopy the thoughts of our Smart teachers, ingest it and regurgitate it in Exams.

"To be brilliant is to be able to retain what d teacher or textbook teaches you and to regurgitate same at exams.While to be intelligent is to be creative, to be ideological, to reason outside the box which the teacher has boxed you into."- Avann Harvey.

Victory 'Flee from Educationogenic Stupidity' Anosike.


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