Friday, 17 July 2015

Being Vulnerable Is Often a Necessary Step to Being Invincible

I have been working on a side-project lately...naahh, I won't say what exactly, not yet.
It has been taking so much of not just MY TIME, but of ME (so much that I had to convince my Momma that I was okay) and coupled with the fact that this is like the busiest month of my Academic Calendar, Sleeping is now like a Crime.
But I believe in this idea, I believe it will turn out well...My (new) Partner believes same.

And so Here I am, awake this beautiful morning, thinking about the next step(s) to take this beautiful day, going over the plans I made (on paper) the night before, cooking up a mental list of how many more asses I still have to kiss (not literally) and well, wondering how i am going to be vulnerable in this quest of mine.

And I heard a voice saying:
"My guy, in life ehn, Being Vulnerable is a necessary step to Being Invincible."

Victory 'Invincible' Anosike.

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