Wednesday, 8 July 2015

[PHOTO] Do Not Let This Happen To You

I got some bad news a few weeks ago. It happened to a friend (codename: BISHOP)...and this shit has been on my mind to share, lest it happens to someone else.
it is not by God forbid, just Learn!!!
So this fellow has been working on a book for some time now. A book that he believes will change the Planet, one human at a time. A book that he hopes will alter our pattern of thinking...did i say 'alter', okay, lemme use the word: 'ADVANCE'. I never got the chance to see this book but the way he promoted the ideas therein made me believe it will be something worth reading.

He put so much energy into it, he made sacrifices, he talked about me and others, tweeted about it, mentioned it on his blog. He even reduced his blogging frequency for the sakes of this he could have more time to work on it. And while we were highly Anticipating the Release,
It Happened!!!

***wipes eyes with a virtual handkerchief***
###i can't speak write again abeg, JUST READ BELOW!!!

***gets hold of self***
***Now I can talk write again.

PLEASE ehn, I beg you, when you writing a book, an article, script OR any thing that involves you infusing so much creativity, try to create copies.
I have (at the time of writing this article) written 1 and a half books. And one thing I ensured I did was: CREATE COPIES & BACKUP. Get copies of the texts on your phone(s), computer, get printed copies on paper, store on your email, your blogger drafts...even send to other people's devices (they must be trusted).

The reason is: Life is so unpredictable. And requires that you Always Have a plan B...for (virtually) everything.
I have lost 1 Chapter of a book I once wrote and thus, I understand how it feels to lose 5 Chapters....mtchewwww, bad ish!!!


Remember (codename: Bishop) in Prayers abeg. That God will encourage, endow, inspire, motivate him to start afresh - but this time NO ISSUES!!!

Victory 'Create Copies' Anosike.


  1. Yeah... Life happens. I learnt the hard way. Thanks for writing about this. I'm lucky to have great guys around me. And they have pushed me to take another leap. So I am happy to announce that code name: Bishop just completed Chapter 1 last night. The journey is not as smooth as before but we can still make shit happen. Thanks Victory.


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