Saturday, 18 July 2015


"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."                                 - Lao Tzu.

I used to be that kind of guy who loves nice quotes and read nice books (emphasis on NICE), soooo much that he accepts all the nice quotes he saw on the internet...and in books.
***when i say 'accept', i mean He nods his head and says, "this should be true." - and consequently alters his life patterns in the way of that quote OR idea in that book.

When i first saw this quote by LAO TZU, i felt inspired, motivated and...well, i went into the mood of love...on a loving spree.
***I think it had something to do with me wanting so bad to be a good person.

I got hurt, harmed, abused...heartbroken...but I kept on loving, hoping to find courage somehow from the people i was busy loving.

I saw this same quote (Note: i love LAO TZU's quotes). but I had, over the years learnt to question, to criticize, to think about philosophies and beliefs before I imbibe them.
***and thus, instead of merely nodding my head and saying, "this should be true", I raised up my head and asked, " could this be true?" 

Looking at this same quote critically, one would realize that being loved deeply does not always give strength - it could actually wear you out and make you weak. AND loving deeply does not always give courage - it could actually get you vulnerable - and hurt, and this could beget fear...if you are not doing it right.

You see, LOVe (and Loving) is a good and powerful thing. It is, as a matter of fact one of the most powerful forces in the universe. But the, Love can cause harm - and kill (yea, i said it) when we let our Love cloud our judgement...or reason...when we break the hedge.

Love people... but open ya eyes.
Love from your heart...but use your head.

Victory 'Use ya head' Anosike.

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