Monday, 6 July 2015

I AM Not Normal

"Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live."                                      - Charles Bukowski.

"I am You ARE CRAZY!!!"

Everyone tells me. My friends, My family, My colleagues, My lecturers, My pets...even My blog Readers.
Okay, not Everyone tells Me, some people no get mind just don't know how to put it in a non-offensive manner...and thus, when I say something crazy OR do something crazy OR ask a crazy question (I do that shit a lot), they give me THE LOOK of: "o boy, you are crazy."

***The look and the words are usually said while laughing, - but the message always get passed.

Recently, a friend put this up as her whatsapp status:

"I am not like you doesn't mean I AM CRAZY."

***And after a little converstion with her concerning what i deduced was she having the why-wont-you-accept-ME problem that must persons tend to have. I could not help but tell her:

"Being (deemed) crazy is not such a bad just means YOU aRE SO AWESOME that they misunderstand you."

***she replied with an 'LOL'.

Musing Over The Concept of "The Crazy Me" and CRaZY PEOPLe in general and CRazy People Trying To Be Normal in other to gain acceptance, I came to realize.

"I AM CRAZY, truly... But we are living in a crazy world and this means that it is Normal to be Crazy and you are crazy if you are normal."

Victory 'Normal is Boring' Anosike.

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