Monday, 13 July 2015

Do Not Depend On Miracles!!!

I believe that Miracles happen - really I do. The existence of a Supernatural Being that sometimes does supernatural things that astound our Natural Mind - and Reason.
The altering of an ordinary process by something Extraordinarily inexplicable.

A fortunate outcome that prevails despite "the odds"...inspite of obstacles.
I believe in it all...

I believe that Miracles happen...daily. From a huge one, like the kind testified in church - The miraculous Multi-billion dollar contract OR the miraculous vaginal delivery of a newborn inspite of warnings by the doctor that a C-Section is safer. TO a small miracle like miraculously passing the exam that you did not study for TO...ahhh!!! yes, one Miracle we most times ignore, BREATHING.

Miracles happen...but one truth about Miracles, a truth that many deny OR ignore...they see it with their eyes but they just refuse to accept it, probably because THE TRUTH hurts and Lies (seem to) Heal, is Miracles do not happen all the time.

***I do not know why, I am no supernatural being...and contrary to what many may argue, it is not always about lack of faith...OR not yet GOD's time!!!
And maybe, we would live better lives if we accept that fact.

"Believe in Miracles, but do not depend on them."

Victory 'Miracles happen, but not All the Time' Anosike.

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