Wednesday, 15 July 2015

20 #Naira Pens Are Great

A 20 naira pen does not really matter...when it comes to writing. It is no different from a Pen worth 20,000 naira.
Fashiiii!!! Even Writing with Pencils don't matter.
What matters is unleashing that writable writing (pardon that grammar, grab the point) inside of you. Whether it is in form of a story to tell, an idea to share, an experience to narrate, a lesson to teach, a lie to tell expose OR some fact to draw attention to.
Just Write It...and while the fire is still hot. Do not postpone converting those thoughts to texts.
Do not worry if the readers will hate it, Just Write It to the Finish!!!

ARTICLE Originally Scribbled with my Newly Bought (20Naira) Blue Bic Pen!

Victory 'You do not Need a Golden Pen to Write' Anosike.

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