Sunday, 16 August 2015

Death, A Measure of Seriousness

There may be those times in life when you need help...because you are helpless, of course.
And you go ask for people for help...people you think can offer it. You probably go as far as getting on ya knees or lying on the ground...probably. You may even need to try to convince them and spell out in simple terms the seriousness of your condition and how their help could actually help.

But then one truth is this:

No matter how serious thy condition is, No matter how much you try to wind your mouth to say it or describe it, People will always often underestimate the seriousness of that condition...until you DIE!

Okay, this might be pretty extreme...but it is Just One Of Those Thoughts!

Victory 'This is a not a good Reason to DIE tho' Anosike.

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