Thursday, 13 August 2015

Say NO To Siamese Relationships

Just like I mentioned in this article on One of the Reasons WHY RELATIONSHIPS FALL APART,
"People get attracted to people for several reasons - most times because they are independent, forceful, powerful, in charge, in control, living their lives...just doing their thing...being themselves.
I also mentioned that 1 Reason Why Most Relationships fall apart is because one or both partners do not give each other the space to be themselves. They GIVE ADVICE, restrict choices, limit vision, counter dreams and curtail freedom."

It's just about the same with The SIAMESE TWINs analogy that popped into my head earlier today.
SIAMESE Twins aka Conjoined twins are identical twins joined in the womb (emphasis on Identical). Now one ish about dem SIAMESE TWINS is they get some kind of limitation. ..None goes anywhere without the other. None practically does anything without the other. None eats or shits without the other.

Some relationships are that way, one or none of the partners goes nowhere without the other, one or none does not give the other the time or space to *be theirsef*, confinements are placed on choices and dreams and behavior. One partner wishes that the other chooses things, does things and thinks things that are identical to what they gonna normally choose, do OR think.

It is like wanting this person who you were initially attracted to, because they were themselves to change and be like what you want them to be.
...And the Ultimate prognosis of such Siamese Relationships is it gets messed up...eventually!

Victory 'Relationship Analyst' Anosike.

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