Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Why Jesus Will Not Come On September 28th

Experiencing childhood in a Christian Home, i was taught that Jesus Christ is the Son of God AND that He died for Mankind AND resurrected back to Life AND went up to Heaven AND He is gonna Come back soon.
...And over the years, Christians and Powerful preachers and Rabbis and Historians have made attempts to predict HOW SOON He's gonna Come.

                 ***SOME OF THE THEORIES ***

 I, recently got a repentance message from a Christian Friend. It was not just any Repentance message. It was a Repent Before September 28th Message.
Yaaaah, one of those GOSPELS OF FEAR being preached now and then...but this one came with a twist. It was based on some Lunar Eclipse...sorry, Blood Moon Theory that marks the date of the Second Coming of Christ and Guess what?

The Sender, a Lady advised me to prepare and put my Life in order as some Celestial events set to occur on the 28th of September will pave way for the impending Coming of the Lord.
Some of my friends have just repented...again...out of the Fear of being doomed to Hell fire.
The unrepentant others are used to these kind of theories and are at the moment, *Unshakable*

ME? I was indifferent at first, But am now getting angry in my spirit.

****sips NUTRI MILK to calm down****

Basically, the rumour message sent to me was that the world was gonna end on that faithful date, September 28th AND before I ran to http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iSsShCffNpo to watch a 4-MAN Interview on WHAT THE FOUR BLOOD MOONS ARE ABOUT, i proposed a reason why CHRIST Will Not Return On That Day.
Wait, lemme rephrase that, lest i sound like GOD's P.A (Personal Assistant).
"CHRIST Will Probably Not Return On That Day."

MARK 13:32 Says:

"But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are

in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father."

It is clearly stated here by CHRIST, the Fountain of Knowledge that He, himself knows not when He, himself is coming.
So unless you (think you) are wiser than Jesus Christ, kindly stop all this "Christ is coming on :$=)*)($-$ date" BS.

Let thy Repentance be genuine...be propelled by the LOVE of / for God, not the fear of 28th September.
He will very likely not come on that day, even if HE was meant to.
He may even come today sef...right after you finish reading this article.....or NOT!

***sips NUTRI Milk again***

But hey, you do not have to believe what I think OR support my argument. What do I even know sef? I am neither a Very Spiritual Christian OR a Powerful Preacher OR a Rabbi or a Historian.
...I am just a SAVVY HOOLIGAN Writer who grew up in a Christian Home.

***empties bottle of NUTRI MILK***
***opens can of Orijin***

2016 UPDATE:

Victory 'Is drinking Orijin a Sin?' Anosike.

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