Wednesday, 9 September 2015

LIH: Choose Your Hard

LIFE IS is good tho'. Some attempt to run away from this truth. Some attempt to cover it up. Some attempt to proceed through it with no feeling OR reason of what it is.
Some attempt to live fully inspite of all potential limitations. A few individuals simply surrender.

Life is Hard...Practically every action or consequence of actions we choose to make turns out to be hard.

Staying Motivated is Hard. Failing is Hard.
Working is Hard. Staying Broke is Hard.
Studying for an exam is Hard. Not Passing the Exam is Hard.
Training your voice is Hard. Not being able to sing well is Hard.
Getting your own ride/ Learning to drive is Hard. Trekking and entering public transport is also Hard.
Climbing to the Top is Hard. Remaining at the bottom is Hard.

I guess the idea for being alive then is: To CHOOSE YOUR HARD!!!


Victory 'Hard Man' Anosike.

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