Saturday, 26 September 2015

Something I Bet You Did Know About a Rolls-Royce

I am certain that you were ignorant of the above fact - about a Rolls-Royce and a Toyota if you even know what a rolls-royce is Unless you are a brain badoe, or a curious somebody, or a reader or a car lover, in which cases this bet is not for you. #grins.

Your BRAIN is similar to a circuit switch. Once you accept that you are something, you exemplify it, and you epitomize that inclination.
If, GOD Forbid, you were in a coma and you woke up and had no idea who you were...And you were told you used to be in the Army and they need you back once you're healthy. Do you think you'd act diversely if you were told you were a Musician? I think not.

Being Successful in life is about having a making sense belief system. If, for instance you truly believe [a belief reflecting in your actions] that you are one of the best actors on the planet, you will be completely distinctive, than if you were like "I hope I am that good"Your expressions will be totally different - your tone of voice. You would talk in a more convincing manner, You'd use your natural voice instead of a scripted one. You would exude that Confidence that would make them feel/ know/ think/ believe that YOU ARE THE ONE. 

Our BRAIN is like a circuit. In oRDer to go straight to our objective, we need to introduce it to the proper wiringIf you are uncertain about who you are, then your fantasies and your objectives will never turn into a reality. Everybody has mental doubts in life, inner clashes, even the successful people that you look up to, yet they don't live in that stage, they proceed onward...majority of them i know at least!

It is how you handle those negative thoughts in that exact moment and overwhelm them with positive ACTION and that comes with the most up confidence in yourself that you can handle the situation, trust in yourself that you are better than the average human being.
You are not simply destined to pay bills, You have a purpose...find it and fight for it.

ehen, remember, If that ish - whatever it is that you want or do - was easy to get or do, everybody would do it or get it!

Victory 'I Own a Rolls-Royce in my Dreams' Anosike.

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