Monday, 21 September 2015

How To Say "I Was Wrong" Without Saying I Was Wrong

Unarguably one of the most difficult-to-utter sentences in The English Language. We may know that we are wrong. We may admit silently...In our hearts that we are wrong. We may even go as far as carrying out actions that depict that We know we were wrong.
But we hardly ever say it.

Maybe because *that sentence* carries with it a potential of making us feel more inferior than the other. Maybe because it could dampen our ego OR maybe, just maybe, saying those words would reflect our covert not-too-perfect sides.

Just recently, I discovered a way of saying those words - I WAS WRONG without really saying I WAS WRONG.
It conveys the same message, it has the same effect on the other person, but it is not as demeaning as the original 'I WAS WRONG' statement.

The words are simply: ***YOU ARE RIGHT***

Victory 'I am Right' Anosike.

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