Tuesday, 8 September 2015

About The Cow Who Had A Job Offer For Me

Just this morning I received an unusual job offer. It was unlike any offer I have ever received. I had heard of these kind of offers prior to now. I had made some research on these kind of offers BUT never, never in my life have I gotten something like this.
It happened while I was on my way to Class. I was running late for lectures because I had a lot of things to fix this morning before leaving my room.
 As I hastened, I was halted in my steps by a phone call. It was Anonymous. When I answered the call, I heard a (male) voice saying...and I quote:

"Hello, My name is Engineer Mike and I have a job for you. Call me with this number...."

That was all he said...and he hung up.

***Now for a moment I was astonished by this. I had not applied for a job offer in recent times...not any that would warrant a call at least. The idiot caller did not state a Company Name OR where he was calling from. He did not even address me by my wonderful name...to prove that he knows me @ least. PLUS, if he really had a job for me, he would've called me to talk to me NOT call me to tell me to call him.
It was apparent that this cow caller had no idea who I really was and probably mistook me for a potential maga to swindle this beautiful Tuesday Morning.

 And so after my analysis of the whole ish, I called the guy back...with the airtime bonus I got from MTN yesterday and I said:

"Hello, you must be Engineer Mike. I have a job offer for you. Call Me!!!"
***hangs up!!!***

Victory 'Job Recruiter' Anosike

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