Saturday, 5 September 2015

I Think (About It) Doesn't Always Mean I Am (It)

And it came to pass that in the middle of night, while I, Victory the son of Anosike sat in my seat...dozing off (I thought I could read till the break of dawn but my brain had other plans) i heard a voice saying:

"My Pikin, I have seen thy heart and i know that you want to be successful and wealthy. You have the right mindset and that is a good thing...a very good thing I tell you.
But Simply having the right thoughts and mentality does not transpire into Success and wealth. Merely thinking that you will be a success, merely praying for success, merely day-dreaming and night-wishing and auto-suggesting it without taking any visible actions or doing anything about it will only make you delusive.
You must be prepared to step out of thy comfort zone, take the necessary risks and kiss necessary ass. Because, Simply thinking about it solves nothing.
THy MInd MAtters, but Thy ACTION matters more than the MIND."

Victory 'i am Hearing Voices' Anosike.

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