Sunday, 20 September 2015

You Are Not a MU-MU

Humans are Creatures Of Habit. As humans, We are often allergic to anything that challenges our current state - to The Status Quo.

We, as Humans often prefer the same thoughts and ways of thinking. Maybe, in view of its familiarity and consistency. Perhaps, in light of the fact that we are just too lazy to think for ourselves OR perhaps because of the no-stress way out that it offers - Sticking to the same methods and patterns of thinking that we are familiar with, saves us time, energy and effort in thinking, you know.
It is like a short-cut.
We may even often go as far as asserting ourselves with ideas and opinions that are based on what people think.

But then, the Mind Is Like A Muscle. It atrophies with time unless it is used consistently. Unless it is worked upon frequently. Unless it is made strong by thinking for oneself.

I mean, what's the use of your Muscle if you do not use it? What is the use of your Mind if you do not exercise it? nada
READ BOOKS, SOLVE PUZZLES and above all THINK for yourself..."The more you push your mind to seek answers at all times, the better it becomes." Myself and other renowned psychologists have proven this.

Your Mind is like a Muscle. Exercise it, Push it...Use It.

Victory 'YOU ARE NOT A MU-MU' Anosike.

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