Thursday, 24 September 2015


The purpose of this article is not to advocate gambling. However, in cases where you feel like it, do READ THIS first.

In this article, I mentioned that I once did a little bit of Nairabet-ting at one point in my life…i tried that path while in my search of a pot of gold. READ for full-er details.

About a week ago, I was having a conversation with my pal, Franky concerning something awesome.
Franky and I had just purchased a tutorial package on FIVErr from …and what we learnt from the videos therein triggered something in Franky’s head. Some idea that he just didn't know how to go about initially. An idea that he thinks will shake the internet industry.

Franky was sooo excited that he thought that this idea, if it works out wella will bring the financial freedom that many Nigerians (and himself) seek.
He immediately put down plans on his special 80 Leaves Long Note, and disclosed to me how far he hoped this would go...(while I stared in awe).

When he was done talking and i was done listening and contributing. I added:
"You are right. This should work out tho'. But still keep an open mind. Do not make these amazing plans of yours too rigid. Because they may fail, they may get flawed. What matters however is the goal...and the lesson when you fail."

Work like it is gonna work out. Make moves like it would. But have in mind that things can get shitty at times. 
And pray it doesn't, but if it does, grab the lesson and move on.
This is one of the lessons I learnt from gambling...KEEP AN OPEN MIND.

Victory 'Life is a gamble' Anosike.

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