Tuesday, 15 September 2015

She Said To Me

And It Came To Pass That She  Said Unto Me:

"I just want to see you grinding. I just want to see your eyes light up when you begin discussing your passion. I just wanna be there, building towards my own particular dreams, while supporting you as you establish the framework for yours.
And after that I just want us to meet up and I need us to fabricate that sort of bond that a great many people merely dream about.
I just want us to associate in a manner that permits us to increase all around; new heights for thy profession and diverse levels for me in mine.
I just want us to be a couple that can - and will propel each other... Because if we cannot , this is just something like a jhoking stuff.
When I am offtrack, Keep me centered. When you are down, give me a chance to be in your ear washing reassuring you of your greatness and significance.
I am about US. The TEAM. I am down to us winning all the way.
It is you and me against the world."

 While I gathered the words for my response to this amazing statement of hers, MY Alarm Rang!!!
Sweet Jesus!!! A Dream.

Victory 'The dreamer' Anosike.

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