Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Why I Must Go To Church This Sunday

I confess...I do not always go to Church. I sometimes miss Sunday services. It is not always planned. I always have some good excuse reason. A God-understands Reason.
Be that as it may, I will make sure that I go to Church - come rain, come Sunshine this coming Sunday...The 27th of September.


*They say* JESUS WIll Come Back On Monday 28th September. So I need to be in church on Sunday, get my sins confessed, mend my ways, rededicate my life...again. And then prepare for THE COMING.

***I need to go Heaven.


Okay wait...hold on a minute. The main main reason why I will, without a doubt, By Jah's grace be in church this coming Sunday is that I will be going to see my parents this weekend and I wanna worship with them so my Mummy does not get anxious of me beginning to go astray.
***But this reason is not as exciting as the first.

Okay, Bye!!!

Victory 'Heaven's Applicant' Anosike.

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