Thursday, 17 September 2015

THE Good Card

LIFE is not about being lucky...okay wait it might be, but not in all cases. In most cases, Life is about Making A Move. Do Not go around groaning on the grounds that you were born without money, that you were birthed in penury, or that you lost your parent, your employment or your closest companion is dreadful to you.
Do not drown in the pool of excuses that ya parents (& guardians) are not supportive, wealthy OR living.
Work out what skills and knowledge you have and make them work for you.
Sit back and Look at the resources you already have (human and non-human).

Check OUT individuals who contend in the handicapped olympics - they are making the best of what they have.

In this thing we call LIFE, you may not always have the best opportunities and yes, that is true. but you need to make the best of what you already have.

Start with what you have, Begin where you are, Do What you can.
"Life is not about having THE GOOD CARD(s) but of playing the Bad Ones you have well."

Victory 'Card Dealer' Anosike.

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