Friday, 11 September 2015

Do Not Wait For GOD's Time

They told us to always wait for GOD's time...that GOD's time is the best time. That we should take things jeh-jehly and wayor-ly and trusting that GOD will come and do that something for us.

For a long long time, i merely sat and waited, but i got no response from GOD. So i studied those who merely waited - perhaps, i wasn't waiting properly. In my studies, I observed, and i noticed that the many folks who merely waited for GOD's time have died in their sleep seats - while still waiting.
They been waiting for GOD to make the move but it seems (to me) that GOD was on the other side waiting for them to make a move.

Well, they are gone now and i pray that their children and generation learn from the mistakes of their fathers...and mothers by not merley waiting.


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