Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Legend of YABUT

For thousands of years, a powerful Force has roamed the face of the Earth. This Omnipresent Force, a mysterious Essence of unknown origin is believed to have its abode in the minds of men...and women.
Its nature, mission or purpose is not yet fully understood, but it is known to be invisibly present behind every human thought and reason, opposing every original one of them with a still small voice that starts simply with, "Yes, but......" The voice arises mainly when we see an opportunity or get an idea to do something and it aims at trying to talk us out of it.

Over the years, anosmik scholars and thinkers have come to refer to this essence simply as YABUT.
This being has no specific gender and can take on any gender depending on the host at the moment. a MR or a MRS for Males and Females respectively.
YABUT reflects itself as an internal voice of doubt. Always trying to discourage us from doing (or thinking) something. Giving us reasons why certain things cannot and should not be done.

Truly, there are some things that need to be talked out of and YABUT can be useful at certain times in trying to protect us from doing shit that don't make sense. Hence, keeping us out of trouble from our own thoughts (and deeds). But more often than not, it reacts too quickly to stifle Creativity. Instead of a voice of reason, YABUT kills the idea before it has a chance to grow.
YABUT, when left unchecked has caused anxiety, muddled thinking, poor health and even ruin lives. It has most times led to the birth of "What If's" and "I wish'es" and hence it behooves everyone of us to know when to silence this force and take control of our lives.


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