Friday, 9 October 2015

The Girl Who Wore Glasses

"Wassup na? Is everything okay?" I asked as I approached her. The Lovely Chocolate-Skinned lady. I noticed that she had not attended classes for a while and when she did, she was late.
***Now, i did not just notice her absence because she a lady, BUT because we were both in the same group for that Month's posting on Psychiatry...AND also because she is a Lovely Chocolate-skinned lady.

The same thing happened that day, she balled into class, late, while the mean lecturer was narrating the incident of one Psychiatric patient like that.

"I am okay." She said, smiling. The smile meant little to me as I have learned OVER THE YEARS that people can fake smiles just to appear strong. I suspected she was faking that smile and I just wanted to test my suspicion.

"Are you sure?" I said, still approaching, looking her in the eye, trying to see if I could deduce if she was lying OR truthing, from her eyeballs.

***Over the years , I have somehow acquired the super ability of telling when someone is telling a lie...just by looking at them.
But this day was different. This day, I failed.

"Anosike, I am fine." She replied, still smiling like a smoked fish.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul (I Wonder where the doors are).
I say, the Soul and the Mind are synonymous.
Meaning, the Eyes are the Windows to the Mind.
Meaning, you can tell what is going on in people's minds just by looking them in the eye.

That explains why:

  • Some people get this unconscious sense of vulnerability when you look them in the eye.
  • Some people cannot look you in the eyes and say a lie.
  • Some people avoid gazes (especially when they did something wrong).
  • So many persons seem/ feel more confident OR intimidating when they put on glasses...they shielding.

I tried in vain to decipher if this Prerry Chocolate Skinned Lady was really okay OR she was only covering a painful truth. I tried, but it was to no avail.
Why? She wore glasses. I couldn't see through.
And thus, I Gave up asking.


Victory 'thinking of Getting Glasses' Anosike

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