Saturday, 3 October 2015

My Question For Super Smart Lecturers

A Super Smart Lecturer walks into this class for the first time and all he gave for an inaugural lecture was a show-off of how Super Smart he is - and how his Super dumb, i mean not-so-smart students are no match for his Super Intelligence.
He makes his students realize that there is an ocean of stoopid-ity in them all and that with him as their Super Smart lecturer, their chances of Understanding and Adequate Learning are verrry slim.

This super smart lecturer also doesn't fail to leave out the ever green Super tale of how his Super hard work and Super brains made him what he is today - A Super Smart Freaking Lecturer.

At the end of the semester, Everybody Fails (Or just about Everyone). Not because none of ghe students study, but because their lecturer is Super smart, and this freaking Smart Lecturer is Super happy with himself.

And so I ask myself:

If everyone in a class fails a course, who has failed? The students or the lecturer?

Victory 'Another not-so-smart Student' Anosike.

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