Monday, 26 October 2015

I Am Still Not An LIB Fan

It IS exactly 10 days since the last time i put up an article. And i have been receiving messages, calls and face-to-face ginjah  of "guy, wetin dey happen sef? why you never write since na?" 
Fans, Readers, Friends and Critics all over the galaxy wanna know what's up. Rumors are already spreading and are about to get on LIB (Linda Ikeji Blog). that i finally joined the LIB (League of Inconsistent Bloggers).

***...sips hollandia***

Well, this is an official reply stating that i have not...joined seriously. My recent M.I.A is only because my TECNO Tablet (from where i make my uploads) has been terribly sick. As a matter of fact, at the time of typing this, it is still in the ICU---- undergoing intensive treatment.
It is quite aged -1 year and 6months...a long time for a TECNO P9 Tab.
***No offense if na ya papa get TECNO company o.

I hope it recovers soon, pending when i get the moolah to get a replacement, as i have written lots of articles on paper that are yet to be published.

sooooo uhm , stay tuned...and help me pray for Quick Recovery of my mobile device.

Article typed out, in a cafe, with 7 minutes of time left.

If after reading this, you are hearing a voice telling you to help me get a new device to replace that my sick one, nwa-nne, THAT IS THE VOICE OF GOD!!!

Victory 'Not an LIB fan' Anosike.


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