Tuesday, 13 October 2015

And Now My Watch Has Ended

June 28, 2014:
I was elected as the Senator of my class. Now the roles of the Class Senator and that of the Course Reps. are quite distinct in that the Course Reps. is like a mediator between The Class and The Lecturer(s) while the Class Governor is the mediator between The Class and The Medical Student Association in the University.
Hence, as far as The Medical Students' Association is concerned, The welfare of mi Class is my responsibility.

October 9, 2015:

My watch ended, I was succeeded by someone else. I think I am the longest serving...so far.
***And so many people claim that I was the best that ever served. *head swells*

Presently, I practically feel like every other student in the class. The benefits I once had have been withdrawn transferred to someone else. The obligations as well.
My happiness however stems from the fact that I never (to the best of my knowledge and ability) let my position create a void between myself and other colleagues. I tried to flow along with every other person.

I guess, somehow I bore in mind that:

One day you're in the Department Magazine headlines. The next day, those mags are used to wrap suya.
One day your photo is on every phone, every class page. The next day, the photos are deleted to create more memory space.
One day your signature is on every Class official form. The next day, the signature is irrelevant.
One day your counsel is sought at every whim. But the next day, thy counsel becomes obsolete.

"The truth is that we have certain moments to shine, the greatest mistake people make is to get lost in the moment assuming that those moments will last forever. They seldomdo. Our best bet is make the most of our moments and to plan for life after…"- Okechukwu Ofili.

Ehen, before I forget, I got an award of service.

*buhahahahaha haha.....ha!!!

Victory 'Not a Member of the Nightswatch' Anosike


  1. Nice lesson, Congrats on your award.
    You just reminded me of John Snow sha.


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