Friday, 16 October 2015

Not Just Okay

It is okay to admire people .
It is okay to applaud their success.
It is okay to want to reach their heights.
It is okay to want to know what they do.

It is not okay to compare yourself to these people.
It is not okay to think that your real life is a joke compared to the glamorous snippets of these strangers on the internet.
It is not okay to despise your behind-the-scenes because of someone else's highlight reel.
It is not just okay, my brother.
It is very not okay, my sister.

Be grateful for your life...For there is no way to truly know anyone else's journey but your own.
Be grateful for your life because some people pray for the things you are taking for granted.
...And compare yourself to nobody, they are all screwed up!

Victory 'Admire but do not Compare' Anosike.

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