Sunday, 11 October 2015

@Okadabooks: So You THink You Can Write, Oya Enter Okada

Do you think you can write? Do you wish you can write?
Check Out this Okada.
Okadabooks is facilitating a short story Contest. I heard This aim of this contest is to support and encourage writers as well as helping to build our reading culture.


1. Write a short story of at most, 2000 words (It could be less, but not more).
Your story can be in any genre of your choice. Be that as it may, you are not permitted to
publish more than one story for this competition...IF YOU ARE CAUGHT, ??????

2. Publish the short story on the okadabooks publishing platform. Beside your
short story title, write # OKBsCom in bracket. [E.g Title: The Girl From Mars (#OKBsCom)]

If your title is NOT saved like this, it won't be recognized as an entry for the contest...AND ALL YOUR EFFORT WILL JUST GO LIKE THAT.

Simply visit , sign up for a free account; if you don't have one and then publish your book.
For more assistance, visit these links and learn easy ways to publish on the site

3. Set the price at zero naira (N0)naira...EVEN IF THE STORY IS WORTH MORE THAN (N1000000) naira.

4. Share your book link with your friends on Social Media Platforms: facebook, google plus, twitter and EVEN offline platforms - 

5. Continue to invite your friends to download your book. PREACH THE GOSPEL OF OKADA TO THEM.

6. Download the okadabooks app and watch the number of downloads you get.
Note: The number of downloads for a story is equal to the number of votes for that story. When your friends and readers download your story, rate it and leave a review, they are actually voting for you...IF I WERE YOU, I WILL BEG THEM TO RATE IT WELLa.

How Victors WIll Be RESOLVED

There will be two stages. First stage and Final stage.

For the first stage, winners will be picked based on the number of downloads + Rating. To beat the first round, your story must have at least 300 downloads and at least a rating of 4.5.

After the finalists are selected, the judges will now read the works of the finalists as well as reviews left by readers.
Your works will be judged in light of "Composing style, syntactic lapses, spelling blunders and in particular, structure.
At the point when the judges are through, the Victors will emerge.


Question: Who can participate?
Answer: Anybody.

Question: Is the competition open to only Nigerians?
Answer: No, not today. Writers from other countries can participate.

Question: How many winners do they need?
Answer: Three...First, second and third

Question: What prizes will these winners get?
Answer: The prizes are as followsfollows

* First position- 50,000naira
* Second position- An infinix phone
* Third position- An infinix phone


October 6th - 26th (12:00 PM)---Write your story, publish it on the platform and start inviting your friends and social media acquaintances to download, rate and review it.
Please note that you are allowed to publish only one story.

October 27th - November 8th: Downloads(voting continues). The earlier you
submit your entry, the better.

November 9th 16th: Screening for stage one.

November 17th: Finalists would be announced.

November 19th - 29th: Screening of finalists.

30th November: Winners will be announced and told how to collect their prize.

So if you are there, thinking you can write?...enter Okada!!!

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