Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Religion Is Like Politics

I shared this thought with a friend last night and he laughed over it, responding, "I GATS dey with God nah."
I however know very well that so many fellows will deny this truth and i run the risk of being used as a prayer point, but I will share it anyway.

i think RELIGION is like POLITICS.

Here's Why:

HINT-1: Politics revolves around Self-Interest (emphasis on 'SELF-INTEREST)
HINT-2: Survival revolves around Self-interest.
HINT 3: Politics is not a SIN.
"It is just a relationship between ONE WHO HAS AN INTEREST & another WHO SATISFIES THE INTEREST."
- Anosike'sTheory.

Legend has it that one being (Lucifer) felt that he would do better as a leader than the one in charge (YAHWEH).
He *convinced & seduced* some angels to join his PARTY and aid in his coup d'etat against The One In The Rulership position.
He got screwed - either because of half-baked plans, mere ill-luck OR a snitch in his party who had other INTERESTS, and as result, Lucifer - along with his LEGion was exiled

JAH put humans on earth to fulfill His own Divine Purpose (Interests). But they had and always will have their own interests - which are in perpetual clash with JAH's.
Lucifer - the (sharp) guy - capitalizing on this, gives a Solution - by SATISFYING THE INTERESTS and Desires of humans. (The Political Relationship).

Some folks are on THE LORD'S SIDE - not because they can die for him - but because they believe that His side is the winning party SIDE.
...and those who are willing to die for Him do so in *hopes* of SATISFACTION in the After-life...(still, INTERESTS).
***It seems all Political.

 Victory 'Thoughts' Anosike.

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