Friday, 1 July 2016

I ate Shawarma!

MY APOLOGIES, If the photo above does something to your salivary glands. Wait, no apologies if it does. That is the goal actually, #Lol.

I made a Resolution recently. Y'all, anosmik followers must've deduced by now that i am not the kind of fellow that waits on December 31 or The New Year to make Life-changing Resolutions. - i think that style of living is Boosit.
I realized that often times i get toooo busy - doing what it is i do - that i neglect to LIVE FOR THE MOMENT. Being a Medical Student and a freelancer at the same time is really not very easy.
So i resolved that - at least once every week, Fridays especially - i was gonna do something that i have never done, go someplace that i have never gone, eat something that i have never eaten.
The reason is (in the voice of a friend of mine, Obed) "LIFE NA WANS (once)..." and one just need to enjoy it as much as possible.

It is a sad thing that so many persons are on their way to heaven, but only a few are enjoying their trip. Now i understand that living for the moment and in the moment is not always easy. Sometimes our thoughts are overwhelmed by our anxiety for the future and regrets of the past, which can make it difficult to enjoy the present, but then Enjoying or trying  to enjoy yourself does not have to be something MEGA. You can start small actually. Do things that you gonna enjoy, Hang out with people that make you laugh (NOTE: i did not say 'happy', only YOU can make YOURSELF happy), make someone laugh, try new things, make new friends, go somewhere new, follow a new route, make it a habit to try something NEW, discover something new, reinvent yourself (REMIND ME TO WRITE AB ARTICLE ON THIS).  In all thy doing, just try to make time for yourself, to enjoy yourself.

"On Your Way To Heaven, Try To Enjoy Thy trip‬."

                     - Victory 'Shawarma King' Anosike.

Okay, I have not even stated HOW THIS ARTICLE RELATES TO SHAWARMA....
Last week Friday, i went to some place - a shawarma restaurant - for the shawarma they serve. A shocking, transformer-blowing truth is that prior to that day, I HAD NEVER TASTED SHAWARMA.
Plans have already been made for how my today's gonna, i ain't telling.

I SAW THIS video about HOW TO MAKE (Chicken) SHAWARMA. I think it is awesome and you ladies -  and guys - may want to take a look at it.

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