Thursday, 14 July 2016

Self-Made Success is Hippopotamus Sh?t!

It is a beautiful Thursday morning on this side of the planet. Assuming you ain't, at present reading this article from somewhere like Mogo or Asgard or Krypton.
I had it in mind to share this thought yesterday, the 13th day of July, 2016 but I could not do that.... so here goes!!!

SELF-MADE SUCCESS is bull hippopotamus shit!(i hope i spelt hippo??? correctly)

Some time ago i got to know about a story ran by YAHOO FINANCE which concerned a personal finance blogger named Anton Ivanov.
According to the story, Anton was a “self made millionaire” who grew his wealth through practicing certain habits...Habits, i believe that you will find in practically all finance and self-development books you read.

The problem with his story? It was a LiE...good thing YAHOO FINANCE figured it out and corrected their mistake.
It turned out that Anton, though a millionaire, was not self-made. He used some major help after all.

I see a lot of people on social media and in books & articles state how they became millionaires on their they achieved their successes without help. Some financial experts like Brian Tracy on his side of the planet go on to reveal Secrets that'll help you do the same...make you SUCCESSFUL ON YA OWN.

Now I am a big fan of Brian Tracy (and some other self-made-success teachers). I have learned a lot from his books and videos, and honestly i must say: him na boss!!!.
Howbeit, just as i occasionally do to some people that i admire greatly - people like Lao Tzu and Bob Marley, i disagree with some of their beliefs. In this case, i think the teachings on Self-made successes are crappy not making sense...the stories more so.

My reason is: Your present level of success - and however successful you are going to be - requires some external help. The knowledge, the connections, the push, the motivation, the money and the opportunities that led you to that success or helped you acquire those millions were granted to you by another being. It is ingratitude (if you ask me) to claim that you did it all BY YASEF.

(In 2face Idibia's voice) if to say na just you, you'll JUST Fail!!!

"SELF-MADE SUCCESS is a Myth. For no Success has ever come to be without some form of ASSISTANCE from another being. Be it a Human or a Spirit."

- Victory Anosike (2016)

Victory 'Self-made is B.J' Anosike.

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