Tuesday, 12 July 2016

WASH or WET...a true life story of EBA

I had eba for dinner today.

Don't judge me...I WAS HUNGRY, and the only food available in the kitchen was the egusi soup in the refrigerator, another plate of afang soup that Elijah’s raven provided for me this evening and other raw materials foods.
PLUS I preferred eating the eba and going down to the hostel library to study (DO NOT TRY THIS AT SCHOOL) to wasting my time in preparing something else  PLUS, i love eba.

As the seventy-seventh ball made its way down my gut, causing the hunger in my tummy to vaporize, it occurred to me…I did NOT REALLY wash my hands. OMG! i mustav' been too hungry to reason the hand-washing thing.
But before you start wondering which kaiyn hunger was holding me, lemme nak you some stats.

It is in the african culture to eat aba with our hands…you know, roll the damn thing, dip in the soup and throw it in thy mouth. Not all this fork and knife play play that those people, not you , are playing there.

In light of this, the need for hand washing cannot be over-emphasized. I mean, you don’t want to ingest the dirt and the germs with the eba. Do you?

This habit of hand-washing has been passed down from generation to generation and although my parents did a great job on their part, I have realized that Hand Washing is not as simple a process as many of us think it is. It is as a matter of fact, not what many of us have been told it is.

The real hand-washing is a more complex process, composing of WETTING, LATHER...or soaping, SCRUBBING, RINSING & DRYING and it is aimed at eliminating not just the dirt that we see on our lovely hands but also the invisible germs too.

****This young african damsel shared the basics about the THE WHOLE PROCESS HERE

So basically, most of us do not actually wash our hands before we eat eba. We just wet them…and think we washed OR if you're like me, you believe that your immune system will handle the germs.
This hand-wetting action is superficially limited as it affects just the dirt on the skin, leaving the germs to continue dancing shoki.

That was my case this evening. Being in a hurry to commence (also to finish) my feast and wanting to wash my hands before eating, I dug into my dinner after doing what I believed was hand washing.



***The fact that you - or somebody else - is working and forming activity does not mean that there is progress. USE YA HEAD!

Victory ‘Learn to wash ya hands’ Anosike.


  1. seventy- seventh ball makes me wonder how many balls you took in total. lol.

    i think the message is great. We sometimes work haed, believing that we deserve the rewards. but in reality we are not working effectively.

    Sometimes we envy other people who are just active without noticing that they are not being productive.

    it all makes sense.


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