Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How To Be A Great Villain

***This article was originally titled, "2 LESSONS WE CAN ALL LEARN FROM VILLAINS..." but that title sounds too boring jhare!***

 just finished watching the movie, 'X-MEN APOCALYPSE'. I finally had the time to watch the movie. Actually, the truth is that i just discovered that fzmovies (my favourite site for downloading low-sized movies) just uploaded the CLEAR VERSION of the 'Xmen: Apocalypse' movie.

I did enjoy the movie - as i did others in the XMEN series - except for the fact that i think Magneto's daughter shouldn't have died, her powers were awesome, and Magneto's son should have just revealed himself to his just seems like this Magneto guy is destined to be on the other side..., and the main Villain, Apocalypse had all the nukes in the world, in his hands but he did nothing with them. He sent them into space, and yet he claims to want to cleanse the earth.
I think that was dumb, but "it is just a movie..." i tell myself, "...and if you do not like the outcome, go create ya own!"

Watching this movie, i discovered that there are 2 ways to be a great villain 2 Very Important Life Lessons that we can all learn from Great Villains.

LESSON #1...
Chatting with my friend, Alaso few days ago, he made me realize that GREAT VILLAINS have a vision for the world...truly, they do. They go  beyond merely filling their pockets, They go beyond merely wanting revenge. They tend to want to make the world a better their own way, of course.

This is unlike their hero counterparts, whose sole purpose is to merely extinguish villains...okay, not all heroes are that way.

The maybe not-so-good ish about the VISION of  a VILLAIN is that it involves plans that'll require the Villains to go the extreme in order to be accomplished. Most villains also believe that their plans ARE PERFECT. They may have every cause to think so, probably because they really prepared. But i believe that that belief is risky, as it can blind one from seeing their own flaws.
But hey! this ain't a totally bad idea...if you and me can make a good version of it.

Sometimes the vision we have, our sole purpose will need us to do some extremely shitty things.  We do not have to do something villainy or nasty, like bomb aso rock somewhere but we should be willing to walk some extreme routes...sometimes.

LESSON #2...
This is the root of the death or if the movie will have a part 2, the capture of most Great Villains (before they escape). They are often smarter, stronger, more prepared and more advantaged than the heroes, but they tend to waste time.
Some of them waste time in talking too much, some just...waste time.

I believe that if you are going to pull the trigger on something, do it fast. What i mean is, instead of telling the whole world how grand your plan will be. Instead of pointing the gun and wasting time stating how you will pull the trigger, just pull the damn trigger.

If you are gonna do that thing...whatever it is that you wanna do, DO IT!
Quit talking about ya plans. Quit wasting too much time...Quit procrastinating on that shit, just DO IT!

...CONCLUSIVELY, do the first, do not do the next.

Victory 'Be a Learn from Great Villains' Anosike.

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