Sunday, 24 July 2016

@IamAnosike Preaches: HUMILITY

There is big difference between BEING HUMBLE and BEING A DOORMAT. Those two are different as APPLE is from AKARA. The former is okay – you should eat more apples try to be as humble as you can be. While the latter is not. As a matter of fact, it (being a doormat) is freaking dangerous.

Humility is not allowing others to tred on you. It is not letting them disregard you or belittle you…all because you claim to want to be humble. It is not giving them the permission to make you feel inferior about yourself.
We are all obliged to stand up for our rights. Humility does not permit others to walk over you…or to B.S (bull shit) your goALs. It however means that you do not perpetuate a fight just for the sake of your ego.

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less."
- Rick Warren

One story that can put a drive to this lesson (and I hope it does) is the historical biblical event that occurred between Moses and Korah.

Take your time to READ: THE 'MOSES AND KORAH' STORY from the book of Numbers chapter 16
(Just in case you have no bibles, READ @

***GOD will NOT punish you if you do not READ it sha OR if you dON'T have a bible.

Despite his humility that Moses had, He would not roll over and allow Korah to ruin the society that had been carefully built.

Instead, Moses dealt with him in a firm and fair manner. Although, Moses was a matter of fact, that dude was one of the most humble leaders Israel ever had, He did not allow others (Korah and this clique) to undermine the mission he was trying to achieve.
When Korah and his men rebelled against Moses, Moses did not stand for it. He would not allow it. In the end, Moses staged a contest between Korah and himself to which Korah lost.


Let Us Pray!!!

Victory 'HumbleVic' Anosike


  1. wow. amazing sermon. i am new here and your blog is really cool. keep it up.


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