Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Why i do not Hate Satan

THAT SUNDAY MORNING, I went to church. Service was awesome. The praise & worship, the drama presentation, the sermon..they all just made sense. The weather was also friendly unlike the previous sunday. As I walked back to my hostel, passing by some brethren that were discussing, I overheard one of them say something which made my ears tingle over my headset. These words struck me so much that I had to turn around to see who said that.

The words were: "I HATE SATAN ehn..." okay, now you may say that there is nothing really special about this. I mean, it’s Satan we talking about. That ancient troublemaker. Hate that motherfucker! Right?
The brother who made this statement was the one who was preaching about love the other day, how every cell in our body and marrow in our bones should be composed of love. How we should love even when we have reasons to not love. How God is love and everyone who wants to be more like God should love, how ????? you must have heard such sermons, just fill in the blanks. Today he had a different message of HATE. He made someone an exception to the 'LOVE ALWAYS' preaching.

I kept this thought to myself as I walked past them – lest I be used as a prayer point next week because i asked questions – but I did not and still cannot understand how possible it is:
To Love with all your heart, and still hate.
It was more elusive to me imagining how to HATE SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET. I assumed this brother has never met the hated one. 
***If you have answers, I appreciate.

This is ME, I cannot profess that I hate satan. Yes you read that right. My apologies if this makes your eyes pop out. I’m not saying that I love the guy either. If I had a gun to my forehead and I was asked to honestly say what I feel about this being, I’ll say INDIFFERENT. Why? I don't know him personally. I've not met him. I don't care, I've just being hearing stories of stuff he's being doing since before the beginning of time. Even the bad actions that were carried out by humans have been blamed on him.
***It is just like saying that you hate your president…whom you have never even seen face-to-face, not to talk of interacting with....That is Hippopotamus shit!
HINT: As at the time of writing this, i am not a big fan of your president...whoever he is.
Claiming that you hate a person…much more, someone that you have had no dealings with, and you hope to have no dealings with, is (to me) just stupid, because HATE is a strong  emotion. Use it rightly.


Victory ‘What if you Focus on what and who you Love instead?’ Anosike.

Thinking of Satan reminded me of an article sent in by a GHOST the other day. He requested that it be published. The article is about HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SELF-ESTEEM.
See you tomorrow!

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  1. this your title is strong sha, but the article gives a food for thought. How can we have love and still hate?


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