Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Best Way To Win An Argument

There will be times in your your discussions...and in interactions with people, when you will try to help them understand something that you know, Something that you learnt...But they no go won hear. That is, they will refuse to accept the knowledge that you proffer. They will refuse to see your point of view.

To you, they are clearly walking in the wrong direction. You have the map to the right direction in your hands, and you (being a good person) are beckoning on them to come...Come and Take.
But they decline. They prefer their own way, paying no heed and giving no reason to the nonsense what you have to say. They prefer the warmth of their ignorance.

"The Effect of Ignorance starts out as warmth, just before it gets you burnt."
- Victory Anosike (2015)

It may not be their fault tho'...(it is never anybody's fault). As a matter of fact, their actions might be based on fear. The fear that their innate and rigid belief systems might be bent. The fear that they might be proven wrong by YOU (not everybody likes being proven wrong. I mean, who the fuck hell are you to prove them wrong?). For those people, for those set of i-already-know-it-jare humans, an argument propelled by you is gonna be futile. It is as a matter of fact, like trying to convince a monkey that strawberry is sweeter than banana.
**it will never wanna taste - but it will still want to prove you (who have tasted) wrong.

In cases like that, Ignoring them  and - in the words of one of favourite teachers that year - Leaving Them To Their Own Ignorance Is The Best way to win that Argument.

###I Don March!!!

Victory 'Arguments Are Useless' Anosike.

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