Wednesday, 20 July 2016

READ THIS NOW OR???: Before You Make Up ya Mind About MMM

I'll probably activate the beef mode between some of my guys – and gals – and me, just by the writing and publishing of this article. However, considering the fact that I’ll eventually come on to this blog (if it all happens as i’m about to tell you) just to say I TOLD YOU SO to whoever refused to take heed, I might as well just TELL YOU SO…plus these days I am trying so hard to please my conscience and not YABUT.

To my guys and gals whose show  I am about to spoil, fuck you sorry for spoiling ya show, but the lives of many Nigerians may be at stake.

***enters kitchen to check the spaghetti (breakfast) cooking***


Recently, I have been approached by a number of persons asking me to join a money-making program, known as MMM.
***If you are reading this article from any location in Nigeria and you have neither being asked by ya friends, enemies and family to join them in this, nor heard of this program through any means, nor seen any related info anywhere on the internet, you need to change location.

As soon as i learned how this money making programs works, I developed some kind of repugnance towards it. An inexplicable one I must add. I believe this emotion stems from the fact that I have had a bad history with such programs. 20something years on this earth has taught me that such systems do not last.

NOting the high incidence of friends and family...and even enemies joining this, and trying to be as good a human as I can, I am compelled to say to you, BEWARE!!!

This warning, not based on personal bias but on THIS ARTICLE-ated PROOF aims to help save you the heartbreaks and heart attacks that you may (or may not) get if i am right.

Did you know that MMM was in South Africa? Do you know what happened?

OMG! You don't? biko JUST READ THIS WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE..for ya own good sha.


If ya mind is not strong…NO JOIN.

If ya mind is strong…JOIN. Go in and grab as much as you can while it is still pumping and while people are still getting to know about it (no, i will not tell you to stop) but create an exit plan, 'cos one day the system will get saturated and crash and many persons will lose their money and have heart attacks and die and go to wherever it is they chose to go.


Victory ‘Use ya Head’ Anosike. 

In other news, if you really want to make some LOW-risk money, you can use the internet. There are a bunch of legit and sure programs. My best and currently most profitable being freelancing @
***Still working on more income streams.

If ya interested in this, drop a comment below and I will give you the map to the fountain of knowledge…so you can go have yasef a sip gulp.


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