Saturday, 9 July 2016


I used to be a big fan of playing safe…that year.

Right Now? I’m not keen on that anymore. As a matter of fact, these days I advise my clients guys – and girls – to NOT PLAY SAFE…unless they are playing with STDs, in which case I advise them to put on the whole amour of  prophylaxis.

Back in the days, before I got the 'SAFE is RISKY' revelation, I WAS LIMITED in my achievements. I mean, I never stopped thinking about things that never were but could be, or ought to be. I never stopped generating ideas. However, if what it is that had to be done involved some risk...a big one, I backed out, howbeit necessary the risk may be.

I wanted to reach for new horizons but I was scared to lose sight of the shore. I wanted to get to my promised land, to reach that land of freedom flowing with milk and honey, but I could not bear to lose all the security in my Egypt. I despised the thoughts of walking through mi wilderness. Surely, I never achieved much with this kind of mentality.

“If you do not take risks, you will be a wasted soul.”-         Drew Barrymore
As time went i grew, studied and observed more, I soon realized that I was playing too safe to make ish happen. I realized that there will be no satisfaction for me if I avoided the necessary risks. I came to understand that any goal that is WORTH ACHIEVING involves its own risks and that if I wanted to GAIN more than I had, I ought to be willing to Lose that which I already had.
I finally learned the lesson of taking risks…calculated risks.

“the biggest risk is not to take a  risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”-         Mark Zuckerberg
Looking back, I may not say that I have achieved the satisfaction that I sought – and still seek – by NOT PLAYING SAFE, but I can say for certain that I am not in the static state that I used to be.

HINT: Let thy risks be calculated…and necessary.

Victory 'No Risk No Reward' Anosike.

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