Saturday, 23 July 2016

My School of Thought

And it came to pass that after he had heard me speak (i cannot remember what i was speaking about sef), he asked, "to what school of thought do you belong? you seem like a Machiavellian somebody."

For a while, my mind drifted away from that moment to....

The Philosophy & Logic classes that I took in my first year in the University. I took the classes…but I never took the classes seriousLY. I initially wanted to be serious with them, but *they* came around. The mentors, advisors and the senior colleagues (who have of course crossed the class that i was). They opened my eyes to the irrelevance of the subject in becoming the doctor that i wanted to become.
They would say:

"If you fail the course, you get the chance to write again. so focus more on ya departmental courses, if you fail those ones, you gonna spend an extra year."

"Philosophy & Logic is such an easy course...easy to pass, i mean. Just cram memorize past questions. that's all!"

Being a First year Medical student, still young and naive and not wanting to fail...but rather to make my parents proud of me by passing, i skipped Philosophy & Logic classes and focused on my departmental courses...the ones that will make me what i wanted to be - A DOCTOR.

I memorized all the past questions i could find. I did not care to understand, "afterall even if i understood what i read and have any questions, mi lecturers are just too Super Smart for a dumb fellow to want to approach." i thought.

I passed the Philosophy & Logic course eventually…with a ???? forget what I scored.


I answered and said: 
“i really do not know much about philosophical schools of thoughts, but i am certainly not Machiavellian (or whatever school the guy belonged). I agree with Machiavelli on some things (like this). I do not agree with the guy on some other things. I agree with some other Philosophers on some things, i have disagreed with those same on a number of things (like in the case of this chinese guy).

I believe...that my school of thought....the best philosophical school of thought that i know of, the one i belong to, even if i don‘t know that school of thought that permits you  to think for yasef, and to keep questioning even your own schools of thought.

Victory ‘Do Not Stop Questioning’ Anosike.

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