Sunday, 3 July 2016

Small Boobs Can Be A BIG Blessing

Happy Sunday child of God. How are you today? Today, I almost got into trouble with a brother in church. A certain brother who teaches about love, and how God is love and that loving others makes us more like God yada yada yada.
The brother mentioned the name of someone that he hated with all his heart. Honestly, I was confused. I did not know what to do, but that is a story for tomorrow...8am.
For now, let me nak you the gist about how I realized that Small boobs can be BIG blessing.

I thought of publishing this article this morning, but I understand that this is a holy day for Christians around the world and it may feel a bit awkward reading about *boobs* on a Sunday morning, So while wanting to keep to my words – the one I gave you in THE PREVIOUS ARTICLE, I decided to reschedule this gist for the evening…Lest some people will start saying that Anosike twisted their sanctified minds before they went to church, causing them – instead of concentrating on the sermon – to start counting all the blessed sisters in church.
***achọghị m nsogbu (I don’t want any problems).

From the Dawn of Time, boobs have been shaping history believe it or not. It has destroyed careers, crippled world powers and caused global warming empowered manyThese orbs of power have nearly destroyed many strong men, and utterly destroyed the weak ones. Sooo, GUYS, FEAR THEM!
Women recognize this power of theirs, and so many of them - in search for bigger and better orbs - do what they can do to get this power.

***This is a true-life tale of a lady who had the power but it made her miserable.

It started yesterday...when i went jogging at the University stadium. It has been a while since I did that. I have been limiting my morning workouts to just push-ups and sit-ups and I thought it would be a good idea to jog that Saturday morning. So I did. It was fun…sorry, digressing.

The stadium, situated in the University campus is venue to practically all the sporting events in school. It is also the training ground for the school’s athletes and on weekends, a popular venue to anyone who wants to jog, run, jump or do whatever it is they do to keep fit. 
Feeling exhausted after doing my thing, I sat down under a shade to regain my breath for the work ahead while watching other people do their thing. In my state of rest, I was held spellbound by a certain lady who was running with two of her friends. The lady was one who many will say is blessed among all the other that place and time (yesterday).
The dude sitting beside me concurred by uttering the phrase,‘ooo BOY!!!’ as he sat transfixed on her. It was not just this guy who had his eyes on her, other guys working out too...including one man that looked like my father's age mate.
She was fine (no doubt about that one), tall, light brown in complexion, bootyful and above all very busty. OMG!!! her boobs were Mega-sized.Gigantic..Enormous... Humongous....huge.
***i could not take pictures...

Amidst all these mind-blowing, eye-opening, voice-stuttering, mumu-causing features that she possessed, I noticed that she had a problem.

This very fine lady obviously wanted so hard to burn off some fat, to keep fit and stay healthy. She maybe wanted to be as lepacious as her running companions who were already ahead of her in the exercise, but it was hard for this fine young lady to do so.
Why? Her large-sized boobs seemed to be a problem. They did not let her run well. It was obviously a hard task carrying those GIGANTIC fun bags and still trying to keep up with her small-boobed friends. Probably as hard as it can be for BOVI to run with CHIGURL strapped on his back OR for a minion to run while pushing a wheel barrow with Kungfu panda in it or ??? you get the point.
I pitied her, I must state, but there was nothing I could do…but watch her run, before she -finally succumbed to her boobified fate and - went to sit down one place!!!

REMINDER: LADIES, While ya going here and there, adding this one and that one, drinking, eating, pumping heaven and earth all in a bid to get more power added to the one you have already, remember that the very powerful ones among you have powerful problems too.

Victory ‘Remain Blessed’ Anosike.


  1. OMG, you are crazy. but most guys seem to be attracted to ladies 'with the power'.

    1. i doubt it not. LOL.
      I am only addressing the ladies...reminding them that this power can have its own burden.

  2. interesting article, all things have their advantages

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