Saturday, 16 July 2016


In an interview with me, she asked: "What Do You Think Makes A Man?"
"MANHOOD...", i replied, almost spontaneously.
"Be serious naaaa, people are watching us..." She said, thinking i was jhoking (again).

***so i broke it down***

‪I Believe...

"MANhood makes a Man,
MANners make a gentleman,
MONey and Manners make the perfect gentleman."

After taking few minutes to imbibe this, she asked...again, "so does that mean that you believe in the existence of a 'Perfect Gentleman'?"

I answered and said, "...verily verily, i say unto you, for every LADY, there is (at least one person whom she regards as) a Gentleman.
But then again, a true gentleman does not deem himself absolutely 'Gentle' because that is in itself 'BAD MANNERS.'

***Before she could ask another question, *they* woke me up...

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