Monday, 18 July 2016

5 Important Points In Training Your Child

‘To train’ is to teach a particular skill or type of behaviour through practice and instruction over a period of time.

A ‘child’ is a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.

Therefore, ‘to train a child’ is to teach particular skills or behaviours to a young human below puberty over a period of time.

As the parents of the future, it is pertinent for us – the youths of today – to understand some basic skills that we must have before we can call ourselves good parents.


#1. HOW TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES: African parents are used to the idea of shutting down the ideas of children. This is not the way, because if they are the leaders of tomorrow, children need to be able to generate ideas, and relate those ideas to others in a simple and effective and logical manner.

#2. HOW TO NEGOTIATE. Many children grow up without learning the fine art of negotiation. This may not be obvious when they go shopping, because they are trained to start pricing from half the amount the seller offers, but in things like getting things from their bosses, negotiating with their spouses over who gets to pick up the kids from school, and shit like that, their deficiency is obvious. Hence the need for parents to consciously teach their children to negotiate. Don’t ask me how, figure that part out.

#3. HOW TO SAY NO. This is some serious shit here. Anosike mentioned in THIS ARTICLE that saying ‘No’ is a very useful life skill.
Well, parents don’t teach that. African parents only teach you to conform to their rules, but to be great, you must first rebel. And the first step of rebellion is saying NO.

#4. HOW TO DRESS. This may look trivial, but a popular saying goes “dress the way you want to be addressed”.
Most African children never really learn to dress according to the occasion. Instead, they just learn to where NICE CLOTHES. By nice clothes, i do not mean appropriate clothes, I just mean beautiful clothes. But with proper training, these little ones can be taught to dress for success instead of dressing to impress.

#5. HOW TO SHOW RESPECT. With all due respect, some parents are really shitty at teaching their children to respect others. Things like greeting elders and talking politely will soon be obsolete if this isn’t tackled. Hence it is of grave importance that the parents of the future teach their children by example how to respect people.


 TEACH THEM TO TAKE INDEPENDENT DECISIONS: Until your children are independent, you are a failure. If your grown ass son or daughter still brings every decision before you, then you are a shitty parent.
There is nothing to be proud of in having over-age babies. From the earliest possible time, start encouraging and allowing your children to make decisions…as long as these decisions are based on carefully explained ideas. They should also be negotiated logically and respectfully, while rejecting useless suggestions.

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