Sunday, 28 August 2016

Nigerian Schools Need More Artists

Some people believe that the true test of Intelligence OR Brilliance lies in how well they are able to leave other people in awe and confusion...with their knowledge. They feel good about theirsef and so  very fly if they successfully make YOU feel like they are super-smart, like they know something you don't.

They are not particularly interested in making you understand this data of fact which they know and you don't.
Nahhhh, they just want to make you believe that the are smarter...that's all!
Such persons reflect this belief in the number of people who they successfully leave dazed by their knowledge.

These are 'THE INTELLECTUALS' - a group of persons who are good at saying and presenting simple things in a difficult way. These smart asses are so smart that they make you feel dumb with your knowledge. They can take a simple word, phrase and data and hyper-complicate it for you (the listener/ the audience) until you lose confidence of what you thought you knew.

It is like OVIE Related To Me:

"I remember my Maths Teacher that year. Ever since the first day he came to class, Maths became hard for me.

In The first classwork he gave to us, Everybody Failed!!!
The highest was 39%...and he was happy.
"You people failed." The teacher said. "I told you you don't know anything.""

But What if Tutors try being like THE ARTISTS instead. The one group of persons who have the ability to present a difficult thing in a simple way. Who makes reading fun and learning easier. The Ones who present complex and complicated data in a simplified and easy-to-comprehend form. 

The ones who eventually make you feel intellectually confident of yasef after they have thought you.

I do believe that the Nigerian EDucational system will make more sense if Tutors would be more of Artists than Intellectuals.


Now when I say 'Tutors', I don't just mean just School Teachers and Lecturers, i also mean 'Students That Teach'.

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