Wednesday, 10 August 2016


On the 26th of December, 2015, I got a call from Natasha, one of my crushes that year [I cannot remember the exact year].  I called her RubyI used to give special names to ladies--- girls that I liked that year…I guess it was one of my ways of showing the affection.[no laugh me].

It was a long conversation we had, very long…so long that we exhausted everything there was to discuss, and we began discussing history. I guess she had a call bonus or something, because i cannot remember the last time she a lady called me and spoke for that long. I, on the other hand needed to relax at the moment, so the call came at just the right time.

As our conversation continued, I – for a reason that I honestly cannot remember at the time of writing this – mentioned to her that I was seeing her in a different light that year, that I was tripping for  her. [I do not know the response that I was expecting]. To my amazement, she replied my confession with something like, “yes, I knew…”…and then she went on to describe some moo-moo moves that i made.
...thinking about those moves now, i think they were mooo-moo.. no i ain't telling.

****One other thing about these Moves tho' was that i thought that they were subtle and unnoticed.

Please, do not mock me for just making moves, I was like Jon Snow in the emotional game of letting a lady girl know how I felt deep inside, I knew nothing.

 “…but how did you know all these?” I asked, still bewildered.
She replied with something like, “it is one thing about us [females], we know stuff like these, our brains are wired that way. But we may not make the move for you guys, because of the whole African culture ish.”


Internet Explorer - a not as great as every other browser…well not to me sha, Personally, I prefer it to NO BROWSER… - had the guts to ask me, Victory Anosike to make it my own default browser…seriously!

I was shocked that day, while attempting to visit a particular web link…I was begged asked to make it my default browser.

Although, shocked…I was also impressed. Impressed at the internet explorer courage…the effrontery…the morale.
If internet explorer has that kaiyn mind, then nothing stops you [my guy] from telling that babe how you feel.

Life is too short my brother, to postpone that shit….to be doing all those corner corner affection. I did that a lot that year. E No Epp me at all!
Do Not forget, the lady [like my Ruby] already senses something…unless she’s congenitally stupid OR  you were extreiiiiiiimely subtle. She is probably just abiding by the innate African let-the-guy-always-make-the-move rule.


Victory ‘Go Tell Her’ Anosike.

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