Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Money Anomaly

Irrespective of whatever has been said in Praise of Poverty,..OR in accusation of Money. Whether, it be said for spiritual reasons, moral reasons, social reasons, ethical OR even carnal reasons, one fact still remains that MONEY is a good Servant.

Another fact is that:

"it is not possible to live a really Complete or Successful life on this planet unless one has money / is rich."

Before You Shine Your Eye and tear ya Shirt and be like, "WTF is the dude saying?"
***calm down!!!

I said:

"...it is not possible to live a really Complete or Successful life."

This does not however imply that every rich person has a Complete and Successful Life.

It only implies that:
"...no poor person has a truly Complete and Successful Life."

A Successful Life, (according to WALLACE WATTLES) is one developed in Mind, Body and Spirit.
No one of these is better or holier than the other. ..and None can live fully if either of them is cut short of expression.
No one can live fully in Body without good food, comfortable clothing and warm shelter...and freedom to rest after a hard day's work.
No one can live fully in Mind without books and the time to study them, without opportunity to travel, without a chance for recreation, without being surrounded with objects of art and beauty.
No one can live fully in Spirit without LOVe...and verily I say unto you:
"Love cannot be fully expressed in poverty.",..I mean, Love finds its most natural expression in giving so How then can you give if you do not have?
***okay don't answer that...I rest ma case.

But then, No man ought to be satisfied with a little if he is capable of using and enjoying more.
The man who does not desire to live more abundantly is thus, Abnormal...and not desiring to have money enough to buy all that one wants is not being right OR noble…it is Just An Anomaly.

Article inspired After Pondering on something I learnt From Wallace Wattles via our WhatsApp conversation one Of his Books.

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