Thursday, 18 August 2016

The 'GRACE' MISconception

GRACE…an over-rated and misunderstood concept in Christianity. An excuse that religious people use to explain a series of fortunate events that happened while other folks around them were being unfortunate.

Lemme start from the beginning************

My guy, Franky came to my place yesterday. Franky nd I are so much alike in so many ways...So many many ways. Okay apart for  the fact that we hail from different states [he’s enugu, I’m imo] and yes, i am more handsome, she says. We studying the same course, reside in the same hostel, grew up in Christian homes, our parents worship at the same church denomination (church name withheld)…different branches tho’. We at different times have had the same kind of controversial thoughts, asked the same questions,….excetera….excetera.

Yea, so he came over,…to check on me and I offered him what I had left in mi kitchen. -Groundnut and cabin biscuit. As the dude attended to his stomach, I watched the trailer of the 2016 movie, Suicide Squad, we talked about how awesome the movie promises to be...we are  both yet to watch it, but we both have the theme songs…okay I digress again.

Frankie and i then talk about the movie (that we are yet to watch) and the HARLEY QUINN character, MARGOT ROBBIE and how she’s doing well and how many are claiming that she's now like a Level 1 actress because of Will Smith...yea, she was the other major character after Will Smith in the 2015 movie, FOCUS. In case you did not know, WILL SMIT was in SUICIDE SQUAD too.
*************As the groundnut began to kick in, Frankie says:

"It is funny that every day, so many persons are becoming successful…while some others who seem to be working even harder do not get as much success?

I replied and said, “if I were a preacher, I will say it is GRACE. Some have huge grace, the others do not. But I am not a preacher, so I will not tell you that..."

"...of course!" he replied....and we discuss the real reason for being successful.


These days I laugh (in my spirit) when I go to a church service and one M.O.G (Man Of God) is preaching about the Grace of God upon his he got this and that because of that grace...and how we, members of the congregation need to sow a seed to tap into that grace.
And then , I get angry (In that same spirit) when people rush out to go tap into the grace that they [think they] do not have.


Romans 2:11, 
"God has no favorites."

GRACE is not that thing that makes someone divinely selected and specially recreated. It is not a thing that makes somebody better than all else, that ain't Grace.

There is no such thing as levels of Grace in scriptures. [if you've seen, correct me].

GRACE cannot be transmitted from human to human. It is God-given.

It is God's unmerited favor  to all of mankind.

GRACE is not limited to one person, you have it...I have it...God did not give a trailer load to one person and one cup to you.

Plus, even the human being that says he has GRACE is a human being...and he has *bad moments* too...

He or She is just as special as You.
The only difference is...that person is in a different path.



Further Bible Reading,

Titus 2:11, Romans 6:14, Acts 15:11...


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