Wednesday, 7 September 2016

It Is Better To Take That Which Is Not Yours...Sometimes

As I hurried along the tarred road, I noticed a middle-aged man who was approaching me...suddenly divert towards the bush to piss.,,I assumed that he went in there for the piss because a piss is the closest thing that i thought a middle-aged man like that would want to divert into the bush from a tarred road to do...and yes, because his hands were going towards his trouser zipper.

When he was done with his business, he stepped out onto the road and picked up something from the ground.
It was raining...heavily. I had no umbrella, and the water from the sky was practically blinding...but my curiosity was so intense that it beat all the odds and opened my eyes as much as it could to catch a glimpse of what this guy was picking up...from the ground...under the heavy rain.

It was a 100 naira note.

I pretended that I knew not what just happened as the young man walked past me clutching his 'shoe mender' tool box to his chest.

This incident reminded me of a lesson that I learned about 20 months ago.

"Sometimes, It is better to take that which is not yours than to leave it lying around UNUSED, MISUSED or ABUSED."

Victory 'Tales by Anosike' Anosike.


  1. nice article. you have a point. although, i think you should have attached a disclaimer, to show that the article is not in anyway encouraging criminality.


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