Sunday, 2 October 2016

In The Spirit of Nigeria @ 56, BE INDEPENDENT

In the spirit of Nigeria’s independence day celebration…and in remembrance of the fact that my last blog post was 24 days ago…shit!, i wanna say to you-GREAT ONE.

"In all that you yearn for in life, yearn to be independent."

Dependency is a habit that is so easy to acquire...easier than acquiring....[just insert something that is very very easy to acquire here]. We live in the times where we are very likely yo be dependent on people - parents, uncles, friends, lovers, leaders, experts, bosses etc...ah, sorry i missed one, THE GOVERNMENT.

We depend on them for money, for happiness, for food, for love, for sex, for acceptance, for their company, to feel good....etc.

It is hard to resist. Hard, I tell you. But once you give in, it is like a prison. You get into that prison of depending on someone (for something),…You get stuck in there. There is no getting out…you can only BREAK OUT!

“you must understand that when people give you things or do you favors, it is (almost) always with strings attached. They want something from you in return – assistance, unquestioned loyalty, and so forth. You want to keep yourself free of as many of these obligations as possible, so get in the habit of taking what you need for yourself instead of expecting others to give t to you.”

 - Robert GREENE

Understand...Dependence causes Unhappiness. All unhappiness has its connection to dependence. For dependence begets expectation. Where there is no expectation, there is no disppointment. And Unhappiness is the offspring of disappointment.

Dependence Kills…sllllloooowly. One minute you’re feeling good and fly and accepted and relaxed and comfortable…the next minute (right after the dependency stops satisfying you, you’re a goner.

Dependence comes from FEAR. The fear of being responsible for ourselves. For our failures and our successes…for our own lives. And then if things fail, we have a very good aim to throw the darts of blame at.
If we give in to this fear.,..if we continually live in it, we will spend the rest of our lives merely moving from one dependency to the another, we will keep on looking outward for salvation.,,not realizing SALVATION IS WITHIN.

The best resort (if you ask me) is SELF-RELIANCE. The Ability to move in the opposite direction. Wanting to rely on your own inner strength for the solution.
Because, the truth is...
The strength cannot come from books or guru or drugs. It can only come for you. The onus falls on you to wean yourself daily from dependencies, listening less to other people and cultivating your own skills.

fINALLY, I am in no way saying that you do not need people..that is not my message. My message is simply, DEPEND ON is a bad idea.

Victory 'Depend on No one' Anosike.

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