Tuesday, 4 October 2016

One #Softwork, Maybe Secret But Amazingly Easy Way To Get Awards Without Doing Anything

A Student said to me one day, [something like..]
"I'll like to win an award before I graduate...so I need to start working now...."

She is a junior colleague of mine, and she made this statement while we were discussing about the just concluded AWARD-of-Service ceremony for the previous tenure of the members of the Executive Council of one of the student's association in my school... [i hope this makes sense, prepositions can be  quite complicating].


"You don't need to work hard to get an award...you just need be close to whoever is *in charge* of award-ing…and perhaps you could just have an award for yasef doing nothing, but #Softwork…Description: https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v5/u4f/1/16/1f601.png

This genius thought of mine [permit me to flatter myself ] was borne out of a certain discovery that I made earlier…during the just-concluded AWARD-ish ceremony.
I noticed that Some persons who won several awards, did not really seem to deserve them.
Wait, I’m not jealous. It was clear to everyone present at the event. Some awards were created just so these special persons would fit into a category..
And guess who these special people were...KOREKT GUESS, friends of the guy in charge of creating and dispensing these plaques.

Right there in my seat, with a grin on my face, I remembered a lesson that I learned a few months ago, 32 months ago or so…

“Getting favors - making progress - in life ain’t ALWAYS about what you know OR what you did. Sometimes it is about who you know.”
Make friends when you can. Be good to people...but double-up speed up the friend-making process when it comes to Powerful & Influential people...if you desire awards - and favors.

Victory 'Award-getting Expert' Anosike.

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