Who Is Anosike?

Victory Anosike is a Medical Student, Internet Marketer, Writer, Innovator, Leader and a Lover [of Arts, Beauty and Creativity].
***The Photo on your left is not HIM. He barely takes personal photos but is a huge fan of THE JOKER!

He runs a certain blog, anosmik.com and is a PolyMath at so many things.
***This scares the crap out of sooo many people as they wonder HOW HE FINDS THE TIME TO jack off so many trades!

He loves the Internet and believes that it can be used as an instrument for world domination revolution.
Despite his vast knowledge, Anosike views himself as an ETERNAL LEARNER, as he teaches his followers:

"the more you learn, the more you realize that there is so much more to learn."

Anosike can also be very very controversial in his writings and in reality. This originates from his convictions that "OUR DIFFERENT BRAINS ARE FOR THINKING DIFFERENTLY" and "OUR LIVES WOULD MOVE MORE SMOOTHLY IF WOULD JUST STOP AND ASK QUESTIONS!"
In the Academic world, Victory Anosike is a 500 level Medical Student who pretends to live a normal life. He is known [in School] for his Super-human Intelligence, Logical Way of Reasoning, Extra-ordinary Humor and Amazing ability to take things for granted, thereby making his life [seem] easier.

In the Writing World, His articles and short stories [on Okadabooks] are known for their humor, creativity and write-like-no-one-is-readingNESS.

The uniqueness of this young fellow can be evidenced by some of the things his admirers, predominantly females had to say about him.

“I just want to let you know that meeting you is like the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
Chioma Chukwudili (University Of Port Harcourt).

“You are one of the funniest and most honest guys i know. I wonder what my life would have been without you."

Chika Okolo (Rivers, Nigeria).

***He is yet to receive testaments from the males.

###There is so much more to be written about this young man. CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK for updates!

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